Robinson Constitution - June 7, 1899; page 1, column 4

Drowned In the Wabash

George Highfield, a young man in the employ of Al Shipman, of Bright-Light, on the Indiana side of the Wabash, was accidentally drowned last Saturday. He brought Mr. Shipman and Mr. Wilkinson across to the Illinois shore on their way to Palestine, and, after their departure, he prepared to recross the river. A floating log lodged against the ferry- boat and Highfield attempted to shove it away with a spike- pole. It seems that the log turned from the pressure against it, which caused Highfield to lose his balance and fall overboard. In falling it is supposed that his head struck the log and stunned him, rendering him unable to save himself, for he was known to be a good swimmer. Parties on the Indiana side saw him fall and started to his assistance in a skiff, but they were too late.

The unfortunate young man had been in the employ of Mr. Shipman for several months and came from Bridgeport in Lawrence County.

Dynamite was used in an endeavor to raise the body next day, and on Monday it was found floating a short distance below. The body was not in a condition to be taken to Bridgeport and interment occurred in the Palestine cemetery.