Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

Mathes Highsmith, born in Montgomery Township, was one of the early pioneers of Crawford County, Ill. He was the father of eight children, one of which was John Madison.

John Madison was united in marriage to Catherine Seaney on Nov. 15, 1856. Their home was five miles south of Robinson; he was a farmer and stock dealer, owned and operated four hundred acres of land. Mr. Highsmith was a prominent Democrat, served in township offices, elected Sheriff of Crawford County and served from 1880 to 1890. Later he was elected as a Representative to the General Assembly of the State of Illinois from the 45th District.

Eleven children were born to this union. William Franklin Highsmith born Oct, 3, 1857, Mary Isabell Highsmith Allison born Jan. 11, 1859, Margaret Jane Highsmith Hope, born Dec. 1, 1860, James Madison Highsmith born Feb. 22, 1862, Laura Emaline Highsmith Reinoehl born Aug. 27, 1864, Nathaniel Johnson Highsmith born Mar. 11, 1866, Harmon E. Highsmith born Dec. 25, 1867, Marthyann Highsmith Murphy born May 14, 1869, Oscar Highsmith born Oct. 4, 1870, Charles Clifton Highsmith born July 29, 1873 – died 1874, and Rose E. Highsmith Griswold born July 10, 1875.

The family of John Madison Highsmith later moved to Robinson where they lived for many years at their home on S. King St. where he passed away in 1903.

Nathaniel Johnson, son of John Madison and Catherine Seaney Highsmith was united marriage Nov. 10, 1885 to Syrilda Houston. She was the daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Wall Houston who lived in Honey Creek Township and was born near St. Clair, Mo. on June 21, 1867. Three daughters were born to this union, Carrie H. Wiseley, Cleo H. Kaley and Cliffie H. Whittaker. Mr. Highsmith had many business interests, being a stock dealer and farm operator. In July 1904 he organized an importing company known as Highsmith Brothers Co. in conjunction with his brothers Franklin and Harmon. Mr. Highsmith made two trips to Europe in 1904 where he purchased fine breeding horses, visiting Germany, France and Belgium. A number of trips were made following this, bringing car loads of fine horses to a ready market, not only to Illinois, but many other states. Mr. Highsmith was a prominent Democrat throughout his life. He was elected Sheriff of Crawford County in 1906. In 1915 he was appointed Postmaster of the City of Robinson under President Woodrow Wilson and received a second appointment under President Wilson. The Robinson Post Office was built at this time, and the first World War being waged was forcing a heavy load on our Nation. Mr. Highsmith received many citations for his work in the local war activities. His last political office was Master-in-Chancery. He became interested in real estate and plotted the Hollywood addition to the City of Robinson. He was a member of the First Christian Church, serving as a trustee and a member of the Official Board. He was a member of the B.P.O. Elks Lodge No. 1188.

Nathaniel Johnson Highsmith passed away Sept. 11, 1941.